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LTTA – MakerEDU training at Technolab Leiden, Netherlands (6_2023)

For a whole week, the MakerEDU partners from Germany, Serbia and Slovakia met in Leiden (NL). Together with pedagogical experts, the project team started the training week at Technolab on 19 June 2023. After all the participants got to know each other, they went on an exploratory tour of the Technolab premises.
Step by step, the following training days dealt with the basics of Making, Coding and MakerSpace. Which teaching and learning methods can support this? How do you get into the role of a maker and how can you teach the art of making? In various group works, the focus was also on the different forms of MakerSpace. Which is the right one for your own project: Zero-budget MakerSpace, mobile MakerSpace (e.g. in a suitcase) or open MakerSpace? On the fourth day, the partners designed their own teaching unit, among other things.
The special added value came from the joint work of all partners. The open feedback provided the stimulus for further thinking or rethinking in some places. Of course, practice was not neglected during the week. In mini-workshops run by the technolab team, all participants were able to get active and be makers according to their own interests. Topics included robotics, upcycling and prototyping.
In addition to learning, entertainment and getting to know each other were also on the agenda. The delicious Dutch cuisine could be enjoyed at a joint dinner on Monday. A tour of the Leiden weekly market with various regional specialities and delicacies delighted all participants. The tasting of herring and sweet syrup waffles will remain unforgotten.

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