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1. Transnational Project Meeting in Finsterwalde, Germany (05_2022)

On 31 May and 01 June 2022 the partners of the MakerEDU project from Germany, Slovakia, Serbia and the Netherlands came together for the kick-off meeting in Finsterwalde. The project group met in the beautiful protestant community centre of the Trinitatisgemeinde to discuss the current project results and the next work steps. At a workshop organised by the Dutch partner Technolab, all partners had the opportunity to get to know Maker practice and to try their hand at making things themselves.

As an accompanying programme, the conveyer bridge F60 in Lichterfeld – one of the world’s largest mobile machines – was visited and regional German cuisine was enjoyed in the evening at the “Gasthaus Stuckatz” in Dollenchen. Getting to know each other personally and the social exchange were important elements for a good basis for further cooperation.

The planned kick-off meeting in February 2022, still had to take place online due to Covid 19 restrictions, which is why the first face-to-face meeting was postponed to the end of May. During the online meeting, the work plan for the two-year project duration was agreed upon and the project partners were able to introduce themselves with their areas of work and expertise.

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